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WRC Charity Partnership

WRC Charity Partnership

Warrnambool Racing Club launches annual charity partnership initiative

The Warrnambool Racing Club launched its annual Charity Partnership Initiative over the weekend, offering three levels of funding for local charities, clubs and community organisations.

The initiative seeks a community partner for the May Racing Carnival and Community Race Day, while the club has also encouraged applications for small grants of $250-$500 from those aforementioned groups, who have been affected by COVID-19.

Warrnambool Racing Club Operations Manager Kate Lindsey, says they look forward to working with the community in what has been a challenging year for all.

"It's just an amazing opportunity for our community to get involved, so we really are encouraging everybody" she said.

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"We've got some supporting documentation on our website and that will give people an idea of some of the key dates, and then we've also done a little checklist to help people with their submission this year"

"We understand that it's maybe not someone's core job to do this and we don't want it to be daunting or overwhelming, so we've just provided the checklist which people can go through along the way and make sure they are answering the criteria and putting themselves in the position to be eligible for one of these opportunities".

More information about the Charity Partnership Initiative can be found at

All submissions must be received in writing by 5pm Thursday 15th October 2020.

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