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Wbool V/Line Service

Wbool V/Line Service

Punctuality on the Warrnambool line shows improvement

Performance on the Warrnambool line has improved in February, with the latest figures showing an uplift in both punctuality and reliability.

On-time performance on the line increased last month, with 84.2 per cent of services arriving at their destination on time.

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Reliability also improved to its highest level since July last year, jumping four percentage points to 98.6 per cent and exceeding the target 96 per cent reliability target.

V/Line CEO James Pinder said it was pleasing to see an uplift in performance last month but recognised there was still room for improvement.

“We typically see a drop in performance over the summer months when trains slow down as a safety precaution,” Mr Pinder said.

“January was particularly challenging across the network with the extreme heat but there were fewer days of heat speed restrictions last month.

“It’s pleasing to see an increase in both punctuality and reliability in February and we will be working to make further improvements to performance over the coming months.”

Mr Pinder said on-time performance had jumped more than 54 percentage points compared with the same time last year.

“Punctuality on the line was 29.7 per cent in February last year so there has been a huge improvement in on-time running since we’ve upgraded 22 level crossings and removed temporary speed restrictions along the line,” he said.

“Warrnambool line passengers can now expect a more reliable train service with the new timetable reflecting actual journey times and the line is also significantly safer for motorists and trains.”

The main reason for delays to Warrnambool line services last month was the additional time trains were required to stop at stations to allow passengers to board and depart services.

Across the V/Line network, 82.7 per cent of services arrived at their destination on time, increasing more than two percentage points compared with January and consistent with February last year.

For reliability, 96.3 per cent of services were delivered for the month network-wide, which is also an improvement on the January figure and exceeds the reliability target.

Monthly performance results are available at

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