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Waste Shows Fragments

Waste Shows Fragments

Wastewater Testing Picks Up Viral Fragment Of Covid-19 In Portland

On Tuesday [17.11] viral fragments of coronavirus, were detected in Portland's waste water.

Portland District Health Chief Executive Chris Giles, says getting tested for Covid-19 is a priority.

"We've had a positive test for Covid-19 in our sewage or waste water, the test was taken on Tuesday and it's come back positive" she said.

"It's not a signal to panic because it can be detected from people who can be completely recovered and are shedding the virus, or it could be a sign that we have an active case"

"The single biggest thing that we can do as a community is to actually seek testing even with the mildest of symptoms".

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Ms Giles said that Portland District Health were well prepared for this kind of event or situation.

"We are re-opening our fever clinic full time, seven days a week and we would encourage anyone with even the mildest of symptoms to get tested"

"We won't be turning people away from testing, just be patient, there may be long cues forming"

"We really want our community to get out there and get tested, because if we do have Covid in our community, we want to find it quickly, like we've done in the past and shut it down quickly"

Further updates will be made available on the Portland District Health Facebook Page, as they come to hand.

PDH opening hours:

Portland District Health Visiting Hours: 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Visits outside 1pm – 3pm will be considered by the ward manager upon prior request.

Patients currently in isolation on the ward cannot receive visitors unless there is exceptional circumstance, these visits must be approved by the ward manager.

Social distancing, good hand hygiene and masks measures must be adhered to and are seen as the best defense in delaying the spread of the virus.

All visitors will undergo a health and temperature check before entry to the health service.

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