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Image (supplied) - Weeds growing in South West forests

Waste Dump Causes Concern

Waste Dump Causes Concern

Image (supplied) - Weeds growing in South West forests

FFMVic: Stop Dumping Garden Waste In Forests

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) is urging the community to be vigilant and on the look out for people illegally dumping garden waste, in forests around Portland and Heywood.

Non-native plants and environmental weeds in garden waste invade forests and parks, crowding out native plants and having negative impacts on local fauna.

These invasive species quickly multiply and lower biodiversity values in forests and parks that are home to several rare and threatened species, including the Small-flower Grevillea and the Southern Brown Bandicoot.

“The time our crews spend removing dumped garden waste could be better spent making further headway on our invasive species removal program and on improvements that benefit the community.” said FFMVic Forest Management and Roading Officer Mitch Williams.

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“We’re urging the community to dispose of their garden waste correctly by taking it to your local shire’s collection depot, delivering it to community facilities that accept green waste or, where available, placing it in your green waste bin.”

Dumped green waste usually contains fruit, seed and viable cuttings that can be spread through animals, water movement and propagation.

The Glenelg Eden project, established by FFMVic in 2008, sets out to help protect the ecological values of more than 79,000 hectares of public land in the state’s south-west.

The program is working to eradicate invasive plant species across more than 100 infestation sites to improve habitat and biodiversity outcomes.

There are numerous species on the radar - including Agapanthus, Red Hot Poker, Spider Plant and Cotoneaster - many of which are commonly found in residential gardens.

It is illegal to dump rubbish and garden waste on public land under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Members of the public can help by reporting littering directly to EPA Victoria on 1300 372 842, with as much detail as possible to help identify the person.

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