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Taxi Confessions

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Driver records Nine presenters having ‘full and frank discussion’ about colleagues

An Uber driver is doing the rounds attempting to sell his recording of a phone call between two of Nine’s most prominent personalities, according to entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

He told Melbourne Radio's Ross and John the story has everyone ‘a-buzz’ at Channel Nine.

“The story goes that Peter Stefanovic got into a cab late at night, he decides to ring his brother Karl, he puts the phone on speaker and they have a full and frank discussion that covers a lot of people, a lot of subjects,” he said.


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But there was a twist.

“The Uber driver is recording the whole thing, and now decides to sell it.

“The timing of course, with Karl, he seems to be a constant source of issues for them there at Nine.”

As yet, the recording has not been published.

“Wouldn’t matter how many moral questions it raises, there will be a journalist somewhere that will publish it,” Ross said.