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Image (supplied) - Izzy Wilkinson, with her mum Jo, and her grandparents John & Betty Sicely.

Time Capsule Opened

Time Capsule Opened

Image (supplied) - Izzy Wilkinson, with her mum Jo, and her grandparents John & Betty Sicely.

Aquazone time capsule opened, which includes a special 21st present

The time capsule at AquaZone has been opened 20 years after being sealed, with an especially significant message contained within.

Izzy Wilkinson is about to celebrate her 21 st birthday, with the time capsule containing cards from all four of her grandparents, two of whom have since passed away.

“It’s very exciting, I’ve been looking forward to this for years so it’s really special for my 21 st ,” she said.

“Since I can remember, it’s all I’ve talked about. I‘m so excited for it and it’s finally here.”

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The time capsule was organised to mark the opening of the new AquaZone facility, with the special gift for Izzy organised by her mum, Jo Wilkinson.

“Back when the time capsule was being orgainsed, I worked out that the year that it would be opened would be my daughter's 21st birthday,” she said.

“I made contact with the Lions Club to find out when it would be opened, and when I told them the story they were good enough to make sure that it was opened prior to her birthday, which was wonderful.”

As well as the special cards for Izzy, the time capsule contained about 50 other envelopes, which were sold by the Lions Club in 2001 as part of a fundraiser.

Warrnambool Mayor Vicki Jellie said that while the city had another time capsule buried in the Botanic Gardens to be opened in the year 2118, the one opened at AquaZone had a different purpose.

“What sets this time capsule apart is the personal messages contained within, and the bonds between those who left the messages and those who receive them,” she said.

“Parents to children, grandparents to grandchildren, people to their future selves, former business and club representatives to those at the helm now.

“Inside this time capsule are letters and mementos from people at the start of this century, messages some of them may not be around to deliver in person anymore"

“Some will be quirky, some poignant, others deeply private, but all will be treasured by the recipients"

“I’d just like to thank the Lions Club representatives as well as AquaZone and Council staff both from 2001 and today for helping with this project that will give as a glimpse of the past and some pearls of wisdom for the future.”

If you believe you may have an envelope in the time capsule, please contact Kellie Gould at or call 5559 4800.

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