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SWH Assists Testing

SWH Assists Testing

South West Healthcare To Provide Testing For Identified Industry

South West Healthcare is set to offer asymptomatic screening for Covid-19 to an identified industry, as part of a statewide testing push.

The commercial passenger and food delivery vehicle industry is one of several sectors now being asked by the Department of Health & Human Services to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

For the next 11 days, South West Healthcare will provide asymptomatic COVID screening to commercial passenger vehicle drivers, including supermarket deliverers, uber drivers, taxi drivers and bus drivers.

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The statewide asymptomatic screening initiative will end on October 4, appointments will be necessary, and can be obtained by calling the SWH Respiratory Assessment Clinic in Warrnambool (8am–4pm Monday–Sunday) on 5563 1666.

If acommercial passenger and food delivery vehicle drivers do not have any coronavirus symptoms, they will not have to stay home to wait for their screening results.

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