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Standalone Primary Update

Standalone Primary Update

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Standalone Primary Schools Set For Early Return To Class In Term 4

The Great South Coast Network of Government Schools has confirmed that standalone government primary schools will be able to welcome back all students from October 5, the first day of term four.

Chair of the GSCNGS and Principal of Warrnambool East Primary School Michelle Bickley-Miller, said the confirmation came after the Department of Education updated advice on Tuesday night.

"So we now have the opportunity for all standalone primary students to return on-site on Monday the 5th of October, which is great news for families, great news for students and really is great news for teachers, although we did already have a lot of plans in place" she said.

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"Most schools are able to return on Monday the 5th, but some schools had made alternative arrangements with things such as professional development days and they will advertise that to their community if there is a slight staged return that week"

Ms Bickley Miller thanked all staff and parents for the incredible effort shown throughout the year, acknowledging that the news will be a relief for many.

"I think they will be able to enjoy the holidays knowing that, I think it will be very hard to charge up for remote learning on that first week of term after two weeks holdiays, so they can come back and we will re-motivate them"

"Schools are all focusing on the wellbeing, getting the children reconnected and reset".

An update from Warrnambool East PS for their school community

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