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Scams Prompt Warning

Scams Prompt Warning

Camperdown Police call on local community to be vigilent

Police in the Camperdown area have been made aware of a series of phone scams, where police station phone numbers are being cloned and used to trick people into handing over large quantities of money.

As a result they've warned the community to be vigilant, If they receive a phone call requesting personal information or payment from a person representing themselves from a law enforcement or government agency.

Sergeant Andrew Raven from Camperdown Police, says it's disturbing that these types of scams have resurfaced.

"It was around a few months ago, and it seems to have come back, so if people do get a call from the AFP it's likely to be a scam, particularly when they start talking about that they will be arrested if they don't comply" he said.

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"What is concerning is we believe they are masking the phone number of where they are calling from, most of them are international scammers but their number may not come up as international call, it may be a local landline number".

Police have requested that if you have lost money as a result of this type of scam, please report the matter to your local police station.

Locals can also report scams to Scamwatch via

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