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Police Assistance Line

Police Assistance Line

Locals In The South West Reminded To Make Use Of Police Assistance Line

Residents in the South West have been reminded about the ability to report non-urgent crimes via the Victoria Police Assistance Line.

The line was launched in July 2019 with the slogan 'when you need us but not the sirens', though recent data shows those in the South West are under utilizing the service

Acting Senior Sergeant Travis Barber from Warrnambool Police, says they encourage locals to learn what the number is utilized for.

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"So in the South West we just want to encourage people to use the Police Assistance Line, which is to report non-urgent crimes"

"It's for when you want the Police but not the bells and whistles, so we aren't going to turn up with sirens, so the number is 131 444, or you can actually go online to report it if you don't want to speak to a call-taker to have the report done"

"Essentially if you want to report a matter that doesn't require urgent Police attention, Burglaries, thefts from motor vehicles, property damage just to name a few"

More information about the service, including how to report online, is available on the Victoria Police Website.

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