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Image: Channel 7 Australia's Got Talent

Pole Dancer Makes Final

Pole Dancer Makes Final

Image: Channel 7 Australia's Got Talent

Australia's Got Talent Grand Final.

Former Warrnambool woman Kristy Sellars has made it through to the final of Channel 7's Australia's Got Talent.

The pole dancing mum of three impressed judges in Sunday night's semi final with her amazing and creative routine.

Kristy owns 17 Physipole studios in Australia and has just started performing again after having her third child.

She says being up on stage in front of the judges and a packed audience is very very nerve wracking.

Kristy will now compete in the final of Australia's Got Talent and is hopeful of taking out this years competition.

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Kristy meticulously combines her pole dancing with projections to tell a story and dreams of one day making a full length show to tour around.

“Being a mum is busy and its hectic and any mum will tell you there’s not a lot of time for yourself,” she continues. “I really hope I’m inspiring other mums to think about themselves and follow their dreams and every once in a while, putting yourself to the top is okay.”

  • Lucy: “You supermum, superhuman, superhero; that was so breathtaking.”
  • Nicole: “I just love getting lost in your worlds, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen and experienced before.”
  • Manu: “Your bedtime stories must be amazing, unbelievable.”
  • Natalie: “I was taken away by what you just did. To come up with the concept is extraordinary but then to have the strength to do that… mumma, mumma, mumma!”

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