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Trash the planet. Image: Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay

Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic Bag Ban

Trash the planet. Image: Ben_Kerckx via Pixabay

MP Calls For Ban On Plastic Bags

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell has supported a ban on single-use plastic bags in Victoria.

Ms Britnell says that while the bag ban was an important step, there was much more that needed to be done to reduce plastic waste.

“We see overuse of plastic continually – from wrapped and bagged fresh fruit and vegetables or in packaging for other products,”

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“There is no debate on this matter; we need to reduce the use of plastic for the betterment of our environment. Banning single-use bags is a great start, and one I support, but there is so much more we
can do.”

“The future of our environment is too important to ignore.”

Ms Britnell says being an MP with a coastal border, she was also acutely aware of the issues around marine plastics and paid tribute to local groups who are starting conversations locally.

“In the electorate we have Good Will Nurdle Hunting and the Beach Patrol who are continually spreading the message and capturing first-hand the impacts of plastic pollution,”

Ms Britnell also congratulated and paid tribute to the Port Fairy community, which banned the use of single use plastic bags in the town some ten years ago.

“The community is ready for this change; they are telling us that every single day, I’m proud to be here today supporting this ban for the benefit of our environment and for the future of my grandchildren and
great grandchildren.”

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