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Phone Scam Alert

Phone Scam Alert

Bank cards targeted in sophisticated phone scam.

A spokesperson from South West Credit is warning local residents of a sophisticated scam that is currently circulating.

The scare tactic begins with the victim receiving a phone call informing them there has been a large suspicious transaction debited on their card.

The scammer proceeds to relay the victim’s personal details to them including their full name, address and the last 4 digits on their bank card. They ask the victim to repeat the full card number and expiry back to them to verify their details. If this was a legitimate call from your bank, they would not ask for your card details over the phone.

If you receive a phone call like this from an unknown number, or from a number outside of your area. The best option is to hang up.

If you are unsure about the call, contact your financial institution directly.

Do not call a number provided by the scammer, use a legitimate number for your financial institution and speak to a trusted representative.

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You can also visit the ACCC’s website,, for more information about scams that are currently circulating and what you should do in the event you are affected by a scam.

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