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Permit Amendment

Permit Amendment

WRAD Seeks Amendment To Planning Permit Conditions

Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre (WRAD) recently was granted a planning permit from VCAT for the Lookout Residential Rehabilitation Centre in Dennington.

A number of conditions were attached to the original planning permit and WRAD have made the decision to make an application to VCAT to amend of of those conditions.

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The condition relates to the required staff numbers at the Lookout. The staff numbers prescribed by the condition are vastly different from similar sized Residential Rehabilitation Centres operating safely
and effectively across Victoria.

Director Geoff Soma says it's this difference that has influenced WRAD's decision to appeal one of the conditions to reduce the required staff numbers to a level more commensurate with similar facilities.

Soma says the goal to operate a Residential Rehabilitation Centre in south West Victoria is very much alive and has considerable support from the community and will continue to progress on the project over the coming.

As part of the process, Soma says WRAD will continue to seek support from the broader community.

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