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Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Monkey & the Big Fella's Perfect Match

Follow the journey of Coast FM's Perfect Match online each week to see who wins Mr X's heart.


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EPISODE ONE - Meet the final 8 women vying Mr X's heart!

EPISODE TWO - Mr X's identity revealed!

EPISODE THREE - The first group date night with Sarah, Bec, Sophie & Lilli!

EPISODE FOUR - The second and final group date night with Laura, Lynda, Karen & Bec!

EPISODE FIVE - The Rose Ceremony!

EPISODE SIX - The first single date with Lilli @ The Hairy Goat.

EPISODE SEVEN - The second single date with Sarah @ Quorum.

EPISODE EIGHT - The third single date with Lynda @ The Flying Horse.

EPISODE NINE - The final single date with Sophie @ The Lady Bay

EPISODE TEN - The second rose ceremony!

EPISODE ELEVEN - The first family date with Sophie @ The Cally

EPISODE TWELVE - The second family date with Lilli and her close friends @ Flagstaff Hill & Pippies

EPISODE THIRTEEN - The third and FINAL family date with Sarah and her family and friends @ Great Ocean Road Tenpin Bowl

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