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Operation Roadwise Begins

Operation Roadwise Begins

Police urge road users to stay safe on the roads over Christmas

Victoria Police is urging every road user to take responsibility for their own safety as it launches Operation Roadwise ahead of an anticipated busy holiday period on Victorian roads.

The operation will see police maintain a highly visible presence to try and prevent dangerous behaviour and encourage people to observe the basics of road safety to prevent tragic outcomes.

Using an intelligence-based approach, police will target busy periods, locations and major arterials where law-breaking drivers are expected to be.

As people head into festive season celebrations, officers will be working hard to ensure that impaired drivers do not put themselves or others at risk, with every single police vehicle able to conduct preliminary breath tests.

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Victoria Police is asking everyone to take things back to basics to ensure that people reach their destinations safely, whether that be for Christmas lunch or into the new year.

That means slowing down, avoiding distractions such as using mobile phones while driving, buckling up and stopping for appropriate rest breaks when travelling long distances.

Operation Roadwise will run from 12.01am on Friday 18 December to 11.59pm on Wednesday 6 January.

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