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Ngootyoong Prevention and Recovery Care

Ngootyoong Turns One

Ngootyoong Turns One

Ngootyoong Prevention and Recovery Care

Much To Celebrate

In its first 12 months of operation Ngootyoong Prevention and Recovery Care has helped dozens of people from the south west region with critical care and support when they've been experiencing significant mental health issues.

The $4.8 million facility's home-like environment has helped maximise the potential recovery of those dealing with mental health issues as well as reinforcing the social and emotional wellbeing.

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The services provided at Ngootyoong are delivered via South West Healthcare and Mind Australia. SWH Mental Health Services manages all referral and clinical services and Mind delivers all non-clinical care and support services.

Thrilled with the results and achievements of the facility in its first year, Ngootyoong PARC manager Emily Williams says her vision for the next 12 months includes continuing to grow and further expand the service.

"We want to develop more initiatives, including continuing to grow the current group program already provided. And we want to explore options around the potential to offer day places to enable guests to further transition to living back at home."

Mind CEO Robyn Hunter is thrilled to celebrate a highly successful first year for Ngootyoong PARC which she says has made a significant impact in the mental health sector in southwest Victoria.

"Previously, clients had to travel out of the region, away from family and friends, to receive similar services and get the appropriate supports."

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