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New hope for patients

New hope for patients

Key drug added

Australians living with advanced breast cancer can now access an important new treatment option; a life-changing new medicine on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, listed by the Morrison Government.

Dan Tehan, Member for Wannon, welcomed the announcement, describing it as another ‘’Example of the Morrison Government’s commitment to saving and protecting lives.’’

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Mr Tehan stated that, ‘’It is estimated more than 19,000 women and 160 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia in 2020.’’
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme listed Verzenio for the first time, on the 1 st January 2020, and will be the new treatment option for approximately 3,000 non-premenopausal patients.

With the five-year survival rate at almost 91 percent, Australia has one of the highest survival rates for breast cancer in the world.

Mr Tehan added that, ‘’The Morrison Government is committed to supporting all breast cancer patients, with the hope they may overcome this horrible disease and continue leading a full and healthy life.’’

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