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New Funding Put To Work

New Funding Put To Work

Rate Cap Variation Funds Put To Work

Warrnambool City Council has started it's first project using the funds made available through a variation to the Victorian Government's rate cap.

The works, taking place from this week, include replacing a section of the footpath along Pertobe Road in front of the carnival site and subsequent work at Cannon Hill which will be finished by Christmas

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Stretches of footpath along Russells Creek, St James Park and Gateway Road will be completed in the New Year.

Warrnambool Chief Executive Officer Peter Schneider said that the total cost of the footpath works is $374,000, which is less than what had been allocated in the budget.

“With this saving, we expect to be able to complete up to 600 linear metres of additional footpaths this financial year and remain within budget,”

“The locations of these additional works are being finalised now, but they will be taken from our backlog of footpaths either due or overdue for replacement.

“An audit of every footpath in the municipality completed last year made it very clear that our footpath network is in serious need of rehabilitation, and these additional funds made available through the rate cap variation will go some way to addressing this.”

In May, the Essential Services Commission approved Council’s submission to vary rates by an additional two percent above the 2.5 per cent cap applied by the Victorian Government.

Mr Schneider says that all funds generated by this variation to the rate cap, $31 for the average residential household, will be spent on asset renewal.

“Warrnambool City Council was one of only two Councils in Victoria given permission to implement a rate cap variation,”

“All funds raised through the variation will be used for the renewal of assets like footpaths and playgrounds,”

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