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New Fire Fighting Tankers

New Fire Fighting Tankers

Heywood receives seven new tankers

Communities in the Far South West will benefit from new firefighting vehicles that will boost the firefighting capabilities of Forest Fire Management Victoria staff.

The district has taken delivery of seven G Wagens at Heywood and one Unimog at Casterton. This follows the delivery of seven G Wagens to Casterton in 2017.

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Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) Far South West District Manager Mark Mellington said: “These state-of-the-art, purpose-built firefighting vehicles are fitted out with equipment specifically designed for planned burn and firefighting needs.”

“Unimogs have a water-carrying capacity of 4,000 litres and can tow an additional 8,000 litres of water in a trailer behind the vehicle,” Mr Mellington said.

“They have the capacity to carry four firefighters, double that of the existing heavy tanker.

“G Wagens are light tankers featuring new improvements for crew safety, including protection to shield firefighters from falling trees and branches.

“The tankers have a 630-litre water carrying capacity, greater than the 400-litre capacity of older vehicles, allowing FFMVic firefighters to stay on the fire ground for longer periods before having to refill.

“Both vehicles feature a Falling Object Protection Structure (FOPS) above the cabin to help protect crews from falling trees and branches.

“Community members may have seen the new vehicles already in use around the district during spring.

“Crews have been using the new vehicles during planned burns, most recently around the Casterton area.

“This investment in state-of-the-art firefighting technology plays a critical role in the protection of rural and regional communities during bushfires.

“The arrival of these purpose-built vehicles will help FFMVic provide rapid responses to bushfires and other emergencies in the Far South West district over the upcoming fire season.”

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