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Napthine To Lead Review

Napthine To Lead Review

The Former Premier Heads Up Taskforce to Improve Welfare Of Racehorses

With racehorse welfare attracting negative attention in recent months, it's been announced that former Victorian Premier Denis Napthine, is set to lead a new independent taskforce with the aim to improve the welfare of racehorses in Australia.

Speaking on the radio Sunday morning to Ace Radio's Greg Kelson and Lachi Rooke, Napthine says he will be joined on the panel by stakeholders from Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, the Australian Trainer's Association, the Australian Jockeys' Association and more.

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The membership of the taskforce is deliberately drawn from outside the racing and breeding industries to ensure their independence and encourage them to explore policy options outside current industry thinking.

Dr Napthine, who has a strong veterinary background, says it's important that the general public sees that thoroughbred horses are being looked after from birth until the end of its life.

"It's absolutely vital,"

"It's a part of the social license that the community gives the industry to be able to hold racing as a sport and activity that they look after the welfare of the horses,"

The former Premier says the independent working group has bi-partisan support from both sides of government as well as many other concerned parties.


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