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Milk Day Poem

Milk Day Poem

Glenfyne Dairy Farmer's Milk Day Poem

On Monday we celebrated World Milk Day, with a local dairy farmer deciding this year to do something a bit different to celebrate.

Glenfyne dairy farmer Louise Pittman penned a poem which was shared to Facebook, speaking about the future of the industry, and it's role in our local communities.

She says there is little to encourage young people to consider a career in the industry, with the concern being what the next generation could look like as farms continue to close.

Her poem can be viewed below.

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Today is World Milk Day and it’s got me thinking.

In the future it may not be Australian-produced milk you’ll be drinking.

My fear is one day Aussie farms will be no more.

Our milk products will be imported from a faraway shore.

Today, whilst your drinking your milk, or eating your cheese.

Give a thought to where you’d like your food to come from, please.

Milk is produced in many countries, I do not jest.

There’s one thing I’m certain of.... Australian milk is the best.

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