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Image - Middle Island Maremma Penguin Project FB

Maremmas To Go Live

Maremmas To Go Live

Image - Middle Island Maremma Penguin Project FB

Middle Island Maremma Project Facebook Live Series

Warrnambool's Middle Island Maremma Penguin Project, have announced that they will host a range of Facebook Live sessions over the school holiday period.

The first session will be live streamed to their Middle Island - Maremma Penguin Project Facebook Page from 2pm today, with the hopes of providing some entertainment for the local community, while also allowing viewers to learn and ask questions about the conservation project.

Project Coordinator Trish Corbett, says it's a great way for locals to switch off and enjoy some cute maremmas.

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"What we're gonna do is today will be all about maremmas, then we're going to do another one next Friday that will be mostly about penguins, but of course we've got fantastic cute maremmas so we will include them in somehow, and then the following Friday we will do one about both penguins and maremmas" she said.

"So people can hop on, they can have a watch, and they can also then send us questions that we will be answering live"

"Not only will they be engaging with something that's outside of what's going on, they're also learning something, so it's fantastic that they can learn about our conservation project".

The live stream will begin at 2pm, and will be available on the Coast FM and 3YBFM Facebook Pages.

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