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Man Charged after Assault

  • Man Charged after Assault

A man in his 40's has sustained serious head injuries.

A man in his forties has sustained serious head injuries, after being assaulted by another man at the intersection of Timor and Gillies Streets Early Sunday morning.

Police have charged a 22-year-old man with the assault after it was alleged both men had been at each other most of the night at a number of pubs.

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The man sustained facial injuries and before presenting at the Warrnambool emergency department.

Police say the men also came to blows at the court house kitchen, and again at Highline earlier in the night.

Police also attended an assault at the East Warrnambool Football club on Saturday night, resulting in injuries to woman.

Investigations are still on going for that incident, however, the woman also attended the Warrnambool Base Hospital.

Senior Sergeant Deon Townsend-Booth says the man charged with the assault was bailed to appear in court today.

Liam Fitzgerald spoke to Deon about the assault.


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