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Maher Helps Out Weir

Maher Helps Out Weir


Maher/Eustace take over Ballarat Stables

Racing Victoria (RV) stewards advise that they have granted approval for the training partnership of Ciaron Maher and David Eustace to replace trainer Darren Weir at the Ballarat stabling complex formerly known as Forest Lodge with effect from Thursday, 7 February 2019.

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Stewards have approved the application on the following conditions:

That the transfer of any horses from Mr Weir to the Maher-Eustace partnership must remain on an individual basis by application of the owners and subject to the approval of the stewards; and

That the Maher-Eustace partnership will not be permitted to nominate any horse under the care of Mr Weir at the time of his disqualification on Wednesday, 6 February 2019 until such time as it has been transferred to their care with the approval of stewards.

In approving the application, the stewards note that there are a number of milestones in the planned transfer of the Ballarat stabling complex from Mr Weir to the Maher-Eustace partnership and that they will be monitoring the successful achievement of these.

The stewards have also advised Messrs Weir, Maher and Eustace that they will continue to closely monitor the operations of the Ballarat stabling complex to ensure that all requirements of Mr Weir’s disqualification are strictly adhered to.

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