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Kenneally Steps Down

Kenneally Steps Down

Beyond The Bell Executive Officer

AFTER five years with Beyond the Bell, Executive Officer Adele Kenneally will step down from the organisation in July.

Ms Kenneally started working with the collective impact initiative in 2014 when she was engaged to complete the Regional Action Plan.

Beyond the Bell was initiated in 2012 as a response from the Great South Coast Group to the alarmingly low Year 12 attainment or equivalent rates from across the region.

Data indicated that 57% of young people in the Great South Coast achieved Year 12 or equivalent compared to 77% of their metro counterparts and 74.4% across the state.

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During Ms Kenneally’s time with Beyond the Bell the initiative has developed strategic priorities, six Local Action Groups were formed representative of each of the Local Government area in the Great South Coast, achieved not-for-profit status and Deductible Gift Recipient status as well as numerous training and personal development opportunities for collective members.

Furthermore Beyond the Bell attracted $1.4 million in State Government funding, $350,000 from philanthropic organisations and more recently $50,000 from the Federal Government to support the Youth Conversations Project, were the voices of more than 1000 young people from across the Great South Coast will be captured to help drive the future work of the collective.

Ms Kenneally was appointed Executive Officer in January 2018 after three years as a Planning and Liaison Support Consultant and is proud of the work the collective has achieved.

“I have enjoyed my time with Beyond the Bell; it has been an exciting and challenging role,” Ms Kenneally said.

“There are over 100 partners and stakeholder organisations now involved in Beyond the Bell Key initiatives making an impact include: Stepping Stone 2 School; Continuum of Need; Growing Greater Readers; Donate to the kids; Live4Life; and many others.

“I strongly believe in the role of education in changing lives and remain passionate and committed to the vision and goals of Beyond the Bell,” she said.

Beyond the Bell board chair Francis Broekman said Beyond the Bell was an extraordinary community development initiative and Ms Kenneally had led the
organisation humbly throughout her time as executive officer.

“There have been many achievements by Beyond the Bell that are quite exciting and many of these are directly attributable to Adele’s passion, collaborative efforts and incredible skill in bringing people together,” Mr Broekman said.

“She has worked tirelessly and brought significant resources into the region to create better pathways for young people to reach their potential. And just look at how parents, schools and young people are now talking about the importance of social and emotional wellbeing in the education space.”

Ms Keneally’s resignation will take effect in July with recruitment to start this week.

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