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Nurdles are becoming a problem across the world.

Join The Hunt

Join The Hunt

Nurdles are becoming a problem across the world.

The Great Global Nurdle Hunt Is On!!

You might not have heard of a nurdle, but they're becoming a real issue for the waterways and oceans not only on the south west coast, but also gloabally.

Nurdles are small plastic pellets and the team from Good Will Nurdle Hunting plan on doing something about it.

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From Friday February 8th until Sunday 17th, people are encouraged to volunteer some time to scour the waterways and beaches across the south west to pick up as many nurdles as possible.

You can collect your Nurdle Hunt Kit from Simon’s Waterfront Cafe or simply take a container down to your chosen beach. Label the container with your name/s, the beach you collected from and the date, and return the container to Simon’s Waterfront Cafe on or before the 17th.

On the 17th February, Good Will Nurdle Hunting volunteers will be collecting, sorting and recording the findings to submit to the international Great Global Nurdle Hunt website.

For more information, visit the Great Global Nurdle Hunt's event page

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