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File Photo - Image from Great Ocean Road near Peterborough

Jobkeeper Extension Calls

Jobkeeper Extension Calls

File Photo - Image from Great Ocean Road near Peterborough

Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Calls For Jobkeeper Extension

Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism are lobbying the Federal Government to extend the Jobkeeper program for the tourism industry, amidst growing concern about the programs September cut-off.

Tourism remains one of the industries most impacted by the management of COVID-19, and according to Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism, requires special consideration as it emerges from forced hibernation.

“The JobKeeper program has been integral to keeping people in some form of paid employment during this time.“ said Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism Board Chairman Wayne Kayler-Thomson.

“We are strongly urging the Government in the coming month to reevaluate the timing and criteria of JobKeeper to ensure the survival of the tourism industry.”

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Speaking earlier this week Prime Minister Scott Morrison, said the program was burning through eleven billion dollars in cash each month, and the government would be looking at alternative measures for hard hit industries.

The independent tourism body which represents over 1900 tourism businesses commended the Government's swift response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but has called for the Federal Government to reassess the end to Jobkeeper and develop criteria under which businesses can continue to access the support.

Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism have commissioned independent economic analysis to assess the impact on the region’s jobs and the visitor economy.

It predicts the region will see job losses in 2020-21 of between 4,716 and 6,333 based on best- and worst-case scenarios.

At best, the region may recover by 2022/23 but its employment could remain 1,861 jobs less, compared to 2019 under the two scenarios.

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