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Warrnambool's Surfside Holiday Park

Holiday Park Update

Holiday Park Update

Warrnambool's Surfside Holiday Park

Council provides update on Surfside and Shipwreck Holiday Parks ahead of summer

Warrnambool City Council have this week provided an update for those with bookings at Surfside and Shipwreck Holiday parks, ahead of the upcoming summer.

The Council's director of City Growth Andrew Paton, said they have taken a proactive approach, and rolled over current bookings to next summer or provided a refund.

"Council have been receiving a high level of inquiry about the status of operations at Surfside and Shipwreck Holiday Parks this summer" Mr Paton said.

"So we've taken the proactive stance of advising holidaymakers that this summers bookings at both parks will be transferred to the summer of 2021/22"

"It's been a really difficult decision but we're doing this now to give people a heads up, that it's extremely likely that it will be a different kind of summer at Surfside and Shipwreck this year"

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"Both of those holiday parks accommodate up to 3,500 people at the summer peak, and are one of the largest camping grounds in the region, that level of density of people across 10 amenity blocks and shared kitchens, makes keeping the site safe and hygienic really difficult".

"I'd like to thank all campers who we've been contacting who have been really understanding of the situation, and the feedback has been positive that they are being given some sort of direction on what summer will look like"

"I think It's really important to emphasize that summer is not off for Warrnambool, we know how important the tourism economy is for our city, and we will continue to be guided by the advice from the Victorian Government"

"Whatever restrictions might be in place at that time, our priority will be to implement those measures to ensure safety".

In an update posted on the Surfside Park website, they confirmed that as soon as advice from the Victorian Government comes to hand regarding the level at which parks can operate, they would update the community.

The Council will provide more details of a fair system in coming weeks, if they are able to offer sites over the summer period.

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