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Image - Agriculture Victoria

Fruit Flies Alert

Fruit Flies Alert

Image - Agriculture Victoria

Ag Vic asks south-west residents to monitor their gardens for fruit flies

Locals in the South West have been encouraged to keep an eye out in their gardens for damaged fruit and vegetables, as Agriculture Victoria works to keep Mediterranean Fruit Flies out of Victoria.

With recent outbreaks declared in South Australia, South-West Victoria is at greater risk of fruit flies spreading across the border.

Some fruit fly species can cause significant damage to a wide variety of fruit and vegetables crops, and have the potential to impact produce getting to market.

Anyone growing their own fruit or vegetables in south west Victoria can assist Agriculture Victoria’s efforts to monitor for the occurrence of fruit fly species in the region.

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Victoria’s Senior Project Officer for Domestic Quarantine Lavinia Zirnsak, said south-west residents could contact Agriculture Victoria if they suspected they have fruit fly larvae in their garden, fruit tree or veggie patch.

Mediterranean fruit fly is an exotic species to Victoria and is a significant threat to the state’s horticulture industry.

Anyone who reports a suspected fruit fly infestation within the region will receive a collection kit from Agriculture Victoria with instructions for submitting a sample for testing.

“It’s as simple as placing the larvae infested piece of fruit or vegetable into a sealed plastic bag and sending it to our laboratory for testing,” Ms Zirnsak said.

“The sender will be notified of the result once the sample has been identified by the Agriculture Victoria laboratory.

“What you do in your garden doesn’t just affect your neighbours, but also our farms and commercial produce.

“Your support in our surveillance program will help assist with the early detection of exotic fruit fly ad protect Victoria's multi-million-dollar fruit and vegetable industries.

If you suspect you have fruit fly in your garden in the south-west, please call Agriculture Victoria on 136 186 or email

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