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Footballer Banned

Footballer Banned

Two Year Ban For Umpire Contact

East Warrnambool footballer Joshua Stennett has been banned from playing football for 2 and a half years after fronting the AFL Western District independent tribunal Wednesday night.

Senior Opera tons Manager AFL Western District Brad Pole says Stennett pleaded guilty to intentionally making contact with Umpire Mick Lowther during their match against Kolora Noorat last Saturday.

Mr Pole says the allegation was that the player grabbed the umpire by the shirt and put his fists up under his chin.

He says the incident was viewed very dimly by the independent panel.

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There is a policy in place across for football across the country that a player is de-registered once their suspension reaches 16 matches.

He says the East Warrnambool Football club and the player have a chance to appeal the decision by 2p.m. Friday.

He says the message from the independent tribunal was that you can't touch umpires under any circumstances.

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