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External Audit Approved

External Audit Approved

WCC Approves External Auditor At Dramatic Council Meeting

At a dramatic council meeting on Thursday night, Warrnambool City Council ticked off on a motion, 6 votes to 1, to engage an external auditor to examine WCC's credit card policies amid the ongoing saga.

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At the sometimes fiery meeting, Councilor Kylie Gaston was pleased that the council voted in favour of an auditor and was confident there is no "systematic credit card or financial fraud issue" at the council

"It is a shame that at this point the wrong-doings of one person are implicating the other staff. I am pleased to appoint an external auditor to come into the organisation to review processes around this incident and also check our policies and procedures which protect the organisation from fraudulent behaviour."

A member of the public gallery was ejected from the meeting for an insulting outburst directed at Councilor Gaston.

The one lone voice voting against the motion, Councillor Peter Hulin had many questions surrounding the motion.

"Is this recommendation budgeted for?,"

"How will it be paid in light of our above CPI rate increase? Is this review limited to 2018 or if something is discovered, will we go beyond that date?"

"I believe what the people of Warrnambool want is what I put up in a notice of motion and that is the minister for local government be requested by council to conduct a thorough and in-depth investigation of all aspects of management financial performance and governance of the Warrnambool City Council during the period of 1/1/2009 to 31/12/2018,"

"If this done then we can say that at the end of it we have an open and transparent council and everything is in shape or it's not."

His comments drew applause from the gallery.



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