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Aerial image of a Southern Right Whale from DELWP’s 2019 drone research program.

Exclusion Zone Begins

Exclusion Zone Begins

Aerial image of a Southern Right Whale from DELWP’s 2019 drone research program.

Annual vessel exclusion zone commences at Logan's Beach

Boat operators are being reminded to steer clear of Warrnambool’s Logans Beach from tomorrow, when the annual vessel exclusion zone to protect Southern Right Whales begins.

The Logans Beach exclusion zone is in place from 1 June until 31 October every year to protect migrating Southern Right Whale mothers and their calves sheltering in the nursery area.

The Conservation Regulator enforces the exclusion zone, which prevents all powered watercraft, including boats and jet skis, from entering the area.

The fine for any vessel entering the Logans Beach Exclusion Zone is $3,170.

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The Conservation Regulator's Manager of Regulatory Operations Glenn Sharp, said it’s vital they are given space to rest and nurse their young.

“The exclusion zone is in place for everyone’s safety, as female Southern Right Whales are known to react to watercraft to protect their calves” he said.

“Conservation Regulator Authorised Officers will patrol the exclusion zone and the south-west coast over coming months to ensure vessel operators comply with these regulations”

“The public can also report vessels in the exclusion zone or breaching minimum distances to Crime Stoppers Victoria on 1800 333 000.”

The following minimum approach distances apply in all Victorian waters outside the exclusion zone:

- Recreational boaters must remain 200 metres from whales

- High impact vessels, such as jet skis, must remain 300 metres away from whales

- Swimmers must not approach within 50 metres of a whale

- Aircraft, including drones, are not permitted within 500 vertical metres of a whale.

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