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Drink Driver Nabbed

Drink Driver Nabbed

Warrnambool Police Nab Drink Driver In Early Hours

Warrnambool Police have again been left scratching their heads, with a drink driver intercepted in the early hours of this morning (February 8).

At roughly 3.50am this morning, an 18 year old Warrnambool man was intercepted by police driving a ute, in Warrnambool.

The driver, the holder of a learners permit was driving without a supervising driver and had an overcrowded car.

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The driver failed a preliminary breath test and later blew a blood alcohol level of .082.

His learners permit was immediately suspended and will have to attend Court at a later date.

This mornings incident comes just days after a Warrnambool Police processed a Warrnambool driver for drink driving at just under six times the legal limit.

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