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Council Moves On Shortage

Council Moves On Shortage

WCC Votes To Apply For DAMA To Address Skills Shortages

Amid growing concerns about a skills shortage in the south west, Warrnambool City Council voted on Monday night to apply for a Designated Area Migration Agreement for the city.

The DAMA aims to address skills shortages on the Great South Coast by allowing employers to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled workers from overseas.

Mayor Tony Herbert says "the region, so that's the five municipalities, have between four and seven thousand job vacancies in a range of areas (and) this program will target a skills sector and hopefully attract them to a city like Warrnambool"

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Mr Herbert says there's a number of reasons why the Federal Government would be supportive of a DAMA for our region

"We've got a relatively low population growth and we've got an aging population and we've got a low unemployment rate."

"We just haven't got enough people coming into the region to fill these jobs. They are the three things that the government look at."

If the government accepts the DAMA application, it will run for three years, starting from 2019.

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