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Concussion Forum Crucial

Concussion Forum Crucial

South West Trainers to host Concussion Forum this weekend

A locally organised Concussion Forum will take place in Warrnambool this weekend, with AFL Chief Medical Officer, Dr Peter Harcourt, among the guest speakers in attendance.

The South West Trainers Association have set up the event, with all local players, coaches, trainers and families involved in sporting clubs invited to attend.

President of the South West Trainers Association Allan Parsons credited Vice-President Pauline Laurey Templar for the hard work of organising the event, and says that education is the key across all sports.

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"To me it's pretty important to get education out to not only trainers, but coaching staff and everyone involved in the football scene because it's one of those injuries that go unnoticed a fair bit" Parsons said.

"The worst cases people can see, but it's the mild ones that are very hard to diagnose and people don't totally understand"

"What I use the analogy of is, if I bring someone off the field with a broken arm people can physically see that there arms broke, same with a knockout, if someone is knocked out people can see they aren't coming back"

"But if you have someone with a mild head injury, people don't understand that it's pretty serious and can turn pretty quickly, and they don't understand that they're not quite with it"

"So there is still that mindset there that, oh she'll be right sort of thing, the tide is changing and attitudes are changing, but it's a very slow wheel that's moving".

The event will take place at the Flying Horse Bar and Brewery at 1pm on Saturday February 22nd.

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