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Call To Improve Recycling

Call To Improve Recycling

The call comes after an increase in household waste during isolation

Business and residents in the Moyne Shire are being urged to review their recycling practices to ensure recyclable items do not end up in landfill.

Moyne Shire Mayor, Cr Daniel Meade, said the call comes as more people are working from home, increasing the amount of household waste.

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“Residential waste volumes have increased by around 15% while people have been at home in isolation,” Cr Meade said.

“With waste increasing, it is even more important to ensure the effectiveness of our recycling system, which starts with residents correctly sorting their household waste.

“When items that cannot be recycled are put in the recycling bin, the whole bin becomes contaminated.

“With the recycling market tightening restrictions and demanding ‘cleaner’ recycling, if a bin is contaminated with non-recyclable items, the bin has to be emptied into landfill, meaning a whole lot of recyclable items are not getting recycled.”

Council’s recent bin checks have found at least a third of recycling bins across Moyne Shire are contaminated with non-recyclable items.

“Council have been providing information to residents on what items can and can’t be recycled, but we won’t be able to continue to collect bins if they are contaminated.”

“The Moyne Shire Council four bin system of kerbside waste collection – FOGO, Recycling, Glass, and Landfill – is a best practice approach to prevent recyclable items going to landfill, but we need residents to get on board.”

The main contamination issues in the yellow recycling bins are:
 Bagged recycling (loose recyclables should be placed in the yellow recycling bin – no plastic bags)
 Tetra Pak / Long-life cartons (place in the red landfill bin)
 Glass (place in the purple glass bin)
 Soft plastics - bags, cling wrap, chip packets, meat trays with soft plastic covers (place in the red landfill bin)
 Plastics with recycling symbol other than 1 or 2 - takeaway food containers (place in the red landfill bin).

Additional information on the correct use of all four kerbside bins, including waste guides, fact sheets, videos and the ‘which bin, which day’ search tool are available at

The Victorian Recycling website also has a range of information on how and why we should recycle at

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