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File photo: algae warning sign

Blue Green Algae Warning

Blue Green Algae Warning

File photo: algae warning sign

Algae Detected in Curdies River Estuary and Yambuk Lakes

High, toxic Blue-green Algae levels have been detected in the Curdies River Estuary at Peterborough and the Yambuk Lakes at Yambuk.

Warning signs have been installed at both locations and authorities are urging people to avoid direct contact with the water until the bloom disperses, including allowing pets to enter the water.

The sample point for Curdies River is at the Peterborough boat ramp. Lake Yambuk is sampled from the boat ramp side of the floating jetty on Carrolls Road.

Recreational activities of any type should be avoided at impacted locations, including swimming, fishing and boating activities.

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Fishing in these areas are to be avoided, however if fish are caught from affected water, they should have their gills and guts removed prior to cooking.

DELWP, Wannon Water and the Moyne Shire are continuing to monitor these water bodies and will do so until the blooms disperse and will advise when safe for use again.

Blue-green algae occurs naturally in these waterways due to low flow rates, warm water temperatures or high nutrient levels.

Please contact DELWP on 136 186 to report any potential algal blooms.

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