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Warrnambool's Surfside Holiday Park

Site Allocation Decision

Site Allocation Decision

Warrnambool's Surfside Holiday Park

Decision Made On How Campsites Will Be Allocated At Popular Holiday Parks

Warrnambool City Council will this week begin a ballot process to allocate campsites at its Surfside and Shipwreck Bay holiday parks.

Guest numbers at the holiday parks will be limited this year as a result of COVID-19 regulations, necessitating a ballot as a fair means to allocate sites.

“In running a ballot we’re aiming to accommodate as many people as we can while keeping guests and staff safe,” Warrnambool City Council Acting Chief Executive Vikki King said.

“The ballot is about equity and safety, it provides all those who had pre-booked sites this summer with an equal chance of enjoying a week-long stay at Surfside or Shipwreck Bay" she said.

“It’s been a difficult decision to make but it is important to emphasise that we will still have about 1800 people across more than 500 sites enjoying the parks and supporting the local economy"

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“All our visitors who had summer bookings were advised in September that we were unlikely to be operating at full capacity"

“We’ve received a considerable amount of feedback on the plan, positive and negative, and we do understand that for some there is great frustration that a long-standing summer camping tradition is being interrupted"

“But we simply can’t allocate spaces on the basis that someone who has been visiting for 20 years has a greater entitlement than someone who has been visiting for 15 years"

“So we’ve opted for the ballot to provide everyone with the same opportunity"

“In Warrnambool in a typical year we can have about 3500 people accommodated along our foreshore parks.

“Were we to operate at full capacity we would face challenges around social distance compliance, particularly around the use of shared amenity blocks.

“Even at the reduced capacity we will still have an increased cleaning and hygiene program operating to ensure the safety of guests and staff.

“We will still have that great festive atmosphere but with one-in-two campsites being made available it will be a safe, festive atmosphere.

“We’ll continue to monitor and respond to the latest advice from the Victorian Government"

“We are getting in touch directly with guests via SMS or email to keep them informed about the process.”

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