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Warrnambool Visitor Centre

Are You A Local Expert?

Are You A Local Expert?

Warrnambool Visitor Centre

I Am Warrnambool To Roll Out Their Summer Campaign

In the coming days, Warrnambool's official tourism brand, I AM WARRNAMBOOL, will roll out their campaign for the summer period.

Titled "Avoid Holiday Regret", the campaign will include visual cues across the city directing holidaymakers to the Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre.

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A clever marketing idea, these cues include directional footpath stickers, signage, augmented reality and a targeted digital campaign.

Manager of the Visitor Economy at Warrnambool City Council, David McMahon, says the aim of the campaign is to educate locals and visitors alike that Warrnambool is the largest destination and the only city on the Great Ocean Road.

"We realise that everyone is increasingly time poor, so rather than asking visitors to do hours of research needed to understand everything that this cosmopolitan city by the sea has to offer, we are urging summer holiday makers to talk to a Local Expert."

"The Local Experts" who work and volunteer their time in the Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre are trained to ask the right questions which allow them to quickly understand customer interests and budgets, before suggesting experiences that match your needs.

McMahon says "volunteering is a chance to learn valuable skills, meet people from all over the world, and give back to the Warrnambool community. By becoming an Local Expert, volunteers become I AM WARRNAMBOOL Great Ocean Road Ambassadors, receiving great ambassador discounts at attractions all along the Great Ocean Road. Summer is a perfect time to become a Local Expert."

To become a Local Expert you can send an expression of interest to

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