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3 Drink Drivers Nabbed

3 Drink Drivers Nabbed

3 Drink Drivers Nabbed In The South West Over The Weekend

Local Police have been left wondering what part of the message isn't getting through, following three drink drivers being detected at more than twice the legal BAC limit over the weekend.

Acting Inspector Tania Barbary from Warrnambool Police described it as a weekend that 'blows the mind'.

"These results are just astounding, it's frustrating to think that people are still not getting the message, not only are they a risk to themselves but they are a risk to everyone who shares the road with them" she said.

"The impact of any potential collision has an effect on the other road user, on the person themselves, the families and the emergency services who attend, it's just not on".

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The first of the three incidents took place on Friday Night, where a 32-year-old male was detected on the Princes Highway at Allansford traveling at a speed of 167kmh.

"He was detected traveling at a speed of 167kmh which in itself is just...incredible, a preliminary breath test was conducted which returned a positive result, he was conveyed back to the station and returned a breath test result of .124" she said.

"His car was impounded for 30 days and he was summonsed to court at a later date".

In the early hours of the morning on Saturday a 20-year-old male P Plate driver was detected near Pura Pura.

"He returned a positive preliminary breath test, was conveyed back to the Camperdown Police Station, where he underwent a breath test and returned a positive result of .123"

Finally on Sunday afternoon at 2pm, a 39-year-old male was intercepted near Lake Bolac.

"He to went back to the Police Station for an evidentiary breath test, which returned a result of .137, his vehicle was impounded and he will recieve a summons for court at a later date".

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